♥ anniversary #6

DSC_0163six years. six long-stemmed red roses. two petite chocolates. one love poem. a ridiculous korean bbq feast (with a sweet, napping baby) and snuggles in bed with a big bowl of ice cream to nurse our food coma. lots of kisses and ‘i love you’s.

oh, and a pretty darling necklace.

kai’s baby blessing



Baby Kai’s blessing day was also Father’s Day. Jacob and I were blessed to have both our fathers present for our little son. The blessing was sweet and sincere, and somehow, without any previous discussion, Jacob spoke the words which were the desires of my heart for my Kai boy.

Heavenly Father, by the authority of the holy Melchizedek priesthood, we hold this baby in our arms and give him a name and blessing. The name that we give to this baby is Kai David Burgess. Kai, at this time we give you a blessing to go forward in strength and wisdom and to have charity in your heart that you will love those around you and be kind to all those you meet. I bless you that you will be kind to your mother and make her happy. We bless you to be a good example to your other siblings that will come later that you will be a good leader and strengthen them as well. We leave you this blessing in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.